I used to be scared of the dick, now I throw lips to the shit

I used to be scared of the dick, now I throw lips to the shit


Inside your head you hear a phone ringing and when you open your eyes, only a clearing with deer in it. Hello deer.

Thought about making an okc exclusively for finding a lady love in my life but I’ve never found anyone I really cared about on okc so why bother


fun date idea: pay for my tattoo

definitelynotbryan asked: "Remember when you were weirded out at the idea of being choked during sex? lulz"

But remember when we stopped dating and we would have sketchy, public sex in my car and you choked me and my head was smashing against my door and it rocked my world? Too bad we’re totally grossed out by each other now because our sex was awesome 👊

Anonymous asked: "Dont date anyone who isnt interested in your interests. Especially if your interests are oral sex. ✌️"

The cool thing about my relationship is that I can get oral anytime I want from anyone I choose. My interest are snugs and touching and my dude is giving me a butt rub as we speak.

Anonymous asked: "Why are you settling for that guy? I know its just perception of a blog, so its probably an innaccurate perception of you, but I used to look at you as my bald, fiercely independent, feminist girl crush. I dont get that anymore."

Settling is what I would have done if I had chosen to date any of the men who wanted a monogamous relationship when I was really clear on not wanting to be tied down. It is actually totally weird that we even talk to each other because I am a militant feminist queen and he may be a total asshole about it but he is a human and he does have common sense. Even if he’s not a self proclaimed feminist, he doesn’t, hasn’t, won’t do anything to make a woman uncomfortable or uneasy or whatever. I’m so happy to finally be with someone who let’s me express my needs and desires and whatever. It’s amazing to find a relationship that actually works for me and how easily all my insecurities have melted away simply because I’ve found someone who is honest with me and I can be honest with.

Trick or tr(eat me out) 🎃



*does drugs but won’t eat white bread*

Yea. So?

Justis won’t wax my vag

I miss having a girlfriend